What is Trial Innovation Network (TIN)?

What is the Trial Innovation Network? 
The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) is a collaborative initiative of the NCATS/Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA) program that seeks to address critical roadblocks in clinical trials and accelerate the translation of novel research into clinical practice by leveraging the expertise, skills and knowledge of the entire CTSA Consortium. Through its CTSA grant, ISMMS ConduITS is a member of the TIN that provides investigators with a broad range of services and consultations to optimize multi-site studies through the development of proposals into protocols, streamlining of study operations, and enhancement of recruitment and enrollment.

What services and consultations are offered through the Trial Innovation Network? 
Click here to view consultations & services for multi-center clinical trials and studies.


How do I access TIN services and services?

Upon completion of this form, the ISMMS ConduITS TIN Liaison Team will evaluate your needs and either direct you to existing ISMMS resources or provide guidance with how to leverage TIN resources through the TIN application process.

Detailed information on the proposal process can be found on the Trial Innovation Network website.