How can I create a Research 411 Portal Customer Account?

While you are welcome to submit your questions and requests as an email/portal customer without ever signing into the Research 411 Portal or creating a Customer account, there is the option to track and manage all of your requests via the Research 411 Portal. This can be done by creating a Customer account using the following procedure:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address in the box provided. Make sure it is the same email that you have been using for your tickets, if you have more than one (,,, etc.).
  3. Click “Send link.”
  4. Check your email.
  5. Use the “Sign up” button/link in the email message from ORS Research 411 to complete your registration.
  6. Enter your full name.
  7. Create a password. Please make a note of the password you select.
  8. Click on the person icon in the upper right corner to view your ORS Research 411 Portal Requests.