Phlebotomy Training FAQ

  1. How can one acquire a Phlebotomy Certification?

    1. Rafaelina Collado, the Learning Management Systems Administrator, who works with the PEAK training indicates that phlebotomy at Mount Sinai is not offered directly to employees at no-cost. Mount Sinai does, however, offer tuition reimbursement for employees looking to go to an academic institution for this training. Employees can take courses outside of Mount Sinai and request reimbursement, which would be $2,400 per year. The reimbursement process is done via Sinai Cloud under Personal Contributions.

    2. TDL (Talent Development and Learning) offers courses in customer service and computer skills. It also offers courses on EPIC, Cerner, Laborworkxx, Billing, etc. The Talent Development and Learning (TDL) team can be reached at 212-241-1944 for assistance.

    3. You may also wish to contact EH&S to see if they offer any similiar training courses. They can be reached at

  2. Does the Mount Sinai Phillips School of Nursing offer programs for phlebotomy?

    1. The Center for Continuing Education at the Mount Sinai Phillips School of Nursing is a resource for nurses and other Mount Sinai Health System employees. Please find more information here:

    2. For information on phlebotomy trainings, please reach out to Kurt Villcheck at 646-396-4441 or e-mail at See attached for curriculum highlights: